Thusagain the great Bochartus, lib. 1 What have you to do with me in the choiceof religion ? LET us now consider a little the different treatment of a philosopherand a Christian. the notion into practice? Alexandrinus, Strom. 2 I, p. 3. Free 2-day shipping. CONCERNING THE CAUSE AND REASON OF PUBLIC CALAMITIES. It is from these sacred sourceslikewise that your philosophers have refreshed their thirsty, in- quisitive spirits. Cantab. says Horace. lib. Did ever any heathen priest ormagician make such a challenge at the hazard of their lives? words, ti/ gar kako&n e0stin ei0pein, ku&rie Kai/sar, 22, and Philo in his Legatione adCaium. 129. And certainly our spiritual life iswonderfully nourished with reading the Holy Scriptures, our hopesthereby are erected, and our trust fixed and settled upon God.However, besides the bare reading, we continually preach andpress the duties of the gospel with all the power and argument weare able; for it is in these assemblies that we exhort, reprove, andpass the divine censure or sentence of excommunication ;1 for thejudgments in this place are delivered with all solemnity, and afterthe maturest deliberation imaginable, as being delivered by menwho know they are pronouncing God's sentence, and act withthe same caution as if God stood visibly among them; and thecensures here pronounced are looked upon as an anticipation ofthe judgment to come, and the sinner precondemned by God,who has sinned to such a degree as to be shut out by his ministersfrom the fellowship of the faithful, the communion of prayers andsacraments, and the rest of that sacred commerce. TERTULLIEN 1° Il est inique de condamner une cause sans l'instruire, de haïr ce qu'on ignore, ce qu'on veut ignorer (I, 2-3). 3 This Ammo-nius both lived and died a Christian, as Eusebius and Jerome testify, Hist. x. ep. CONCERNING THE IRREVERENCE OF THE HEATHEN TO THEIR GODS. 111. stake down their lives for one another, when inwardly they could cutone another's throats ! cap. That piety, veneration, and loyalty, 1 39, p. 112, who by not seeing into the mystical meaning of theapostle's discourses, ran presently away with it as an apostolical tradition ; justperhaps as we find from the misunderstanding of our Saviour's words to St.Peter : " If I will that he tarry till I come, what is that to thee? Oh, never-to-be-forgotten example of Athenianwisdom ! CONCERNING THE SHAMEFUL REPRESENTATION OF THE GODS UPON THE STAGE AND AMPHITHEATRE. THAN PHILOSOPHERS. h0 i9ereij pra&ttwsi ti\ tw~n qei/wn, o9 kh~|ruc pro&teisi mega&lh was guarded from the re-entrance of sinful Adam and his posterity by those ministering spirits, which the psalmist, and after him the author to the Hebrews, Numa Pompilius, utPopulum Romanum sacris obligaret, volebat videri sibi cum Dea Aegeriacongressus esse nocturnos, ejusque monitu accepta Diis Iinmortalibus sacrainstituere. When this holy army of supplicants ismet and disposed in godly array, we all send up our prayers forthe life of the emperors,1 for their ministers, for magistrates, forthe good of the State, for the peace of the empire, and for retardingthe final doom. diss. But perhaps it may be replied that some Christians arefar from living up to their profession, to which I reply again, thatthen they are as far from having the reputation of Christians amongthose who truly are so; but yet philosophers shall enjoy the nameand honour of philosophy among you in spite of the wickedness of. Utilizamos cookies y herramientas similares para mejorar tu experiencia de compra, prestar nuestros servicios, entender cómo los utilizas para poder mejorarlos, y para mostrarte anuncios. 123. fix the notion beyond dispute ? Eus. Some of the blinder and perverser sort of heathens deridedthe primitive martyrs (as their passive followers since have been) for a sect ofbesotted, infatuated fellows, who did neither know nor feel what it was theyunderwent. But with all respectto this learned prelate, he seems not to reach the design and meaning ofTertullian in this place ; and in order hereunto, it is to be remembered thatthe heathen had abundance of deities, and every deity to be invoked in a severalform, for such blessings as lay within his particular province. ; manifestatur veritas nostra,quod usu jam et de commercio innotuit, non utiq. The mountains burn with per- petual fire, and are mountains still; why, therefore, may not thewicked and the enemies of God bum like these ? And therefore,says our author, we pray sine Monitore, without an overseer, because de Pectore,that is, ex animo, because we pray for emperors from our very heart and soul.Thus then we see how many ways there are of expounding this obscure passage,each of which is much more probable than that which is urged for the justifica- tion of extempore prayer. lib. iii., speaks of Domitian, Mox imperium adeptus,Jovi Custodi templum ingens, seq, ; in sinu Dei sacravit. CONCERNING THE CHRISTIAN DUTY OF LOVING ENEMIES. And yet these philosophers destroy your gods openly,1and write against your superstitions, and with your approbation intothe bargain. At Athens likewisewhen the Apaturia, or feasts in honour of Bacchus for a serviceablepiece of treachery he did, are to be celebrated, there is a proclama- tion for all the choice cooks to come in and assist at the banquet;and when the kitchen of Serapis smokes, what baskets of provisionscome tumbling in from every quarter! L'apologétique de Tertullien: apologie du christianisme (2e édition) (Religion). i.pp. be passible without a union with matter, I mean the flesh; but lodged in the same port of happiness till the day of judgment. Munerarii. Thornd. Nunc quoq. ii. L Apologetique de Tertullien: Apologie Du Christianisme (2e Edition) (Religion) (French Edition) Euseb. Consider this,1 0 you impartial judges, and go on with yourjustice, and while our soul is pouring out herself to God in thebehalf of the emperor, do you be letting out her blood. 25 :"Behold, I will punish the multitude of No, and Pharaoh and Egypt with theirgods." They could not but own Christianity to be a moreexalted kind of philosophy, when they saw the Christians live above the verynotions of the philosophers. GODS' THE EMPERORS. 3, p. 67, Cantab. And now for thephrase itself; we pray Sine Monitore, without a prompter or monitor, becausede Pectore, from the heart, that is extempore, as Mr. Clarkson and the anti-formulists expound it. Whoeverwould see more concerning the nature of Church unity, and the sin of occasionalconformity, let him read the whole Conference. TO CALL THE EMPEROR BY THE TITLE OF GOD. But now in all this conspiracy of evils againstus, in the midst of these mortal provocations, what one evil haveyou observed to have been returned by Christians ? 2 It has been objected that theconsent of nations, if it argues anything, argues for Polytheism, that being moreuniversal, and consequently more natural than the worship of one god ; butthis is a very foolish objection ; for there is in all mankind a propensity toreligion in general, as there is an inclination to eat and drink in all; and asit is left to the direction of our appetites what we should choose to eat anddrink in particular, so is it left to our reason what we should worship; but toeat and drink and worship something, we are all inclined, though often abusedas to the object. kai\ mh_ pra&gmata ad Demetr. OF THE SAME CRIMES THEY CHARGE UPON CHRISTIANS. And therefore let us enter a little into a comparisonbetween your laws and ours. Therefore when by their instinct you treat us like rebels,and condemn us to workhouses, or prisons, or the mines, and suchlike servile punishment; when thus, I say, by you their instrumentsthey break out against us, in whose power they are (for they knowtheir imparity full well, and their malice is but the more enraged attheir impotency), then we take another course, and engage theseodious spirits, as it were, upon equal terms, and resist with patienceimpregnable; that being the quarter they attack us upon with alltheir fury, and we never come off so triumphantly as when wesuffer victoriously, and resist unto death. for martyr- dom is sure of mercy. 32. lib. Dial., we find that Socrates,when he intended to drink his poison, thought it best to set about washinghimself beforehand to save the women the labour.—skedo_n Casaub. 2 Be pleased now, if you The last dyingwords of Socrates we have in the conclusion of Plato's Phaedo, and they are 1 Tertullien n’a pas seulement voulu montrer que les chrétiens ne doivent pas être poursuivis pour des crimes qu’ils ne commettent pas (apologie et thèse juridique) ; il a voulu faire voir aussi que le christianisme est la vérité (oeritas nostra, XLVI, 2), et c’est sur la religion des chrétiens qu’il veut maintenant ajouter quelques éclaircissements dans cette troisième partie. much concerned about that chastity which their husbands think notworth keeping. In certain prayers, lest any of the words should be omitted,or preposterously repeated, there is one to dictate to the people out of a book,and another appointed as overseer, to attend how they pronounce." VENERATION THAN THEIR GODS. This among the Romans was the triumphal robe,all over embroidered with palm branches in token of victory. Let us then suppose that one. Now what is to be done with a man who knows himself in anerror, and yet knowingly dashes upon a rock, that the people may do so too ?who pulls out his own eyes to secure others in darkness; who neither deserveswell of those he permits to wander, nor of himself, whom he associates withpractices he condemns; who makes no use of his wisdom for the regulation ofhis life, but wilfully entangles himself to ensnare others, whom as the wiserperson he was obliged to rescue from error. How well we practise this command of our Master,you yourselves can tell with a witness ; for how many times, partlyin compliance with a brutish passion, partly in obedience to thelaws, have you judges showed a most savage cruelty to Christians !How often without your authority has the hostile mob of their ownmere motion invaded us with showers of stones and fire ! Tutius per Jovis Genium pejerare, quam Regis It. O true glory, because ofhuman stamp and fashion! , 2 Aen. Would Juno, do you think, could she have helped it,suffered her beloved Carthage, more beloved than Samos, to havebeen sacked and ruined by the detested race of Trojans; for Iknow her passion for this city from your own Virgil: --Here, here, this darling place, That which you reproach in us asstubbornness has been the most instructing mistress in proselytingthe world; for who has not been struck at the sight of that youcall stubbornness, and from thence pushed on to look into thereality and reason of it ? Sac., have so nicely traced the plagiaries and discoveredthe foundation of almost the whole fabulous superstructure, in spite of all theirartifice to conceal it. 90          Arnob. "The representation of a soul exulting for fulness and Sat. peri\ yuxh~j, is plainly the fiery stream in Daniel.Vid. Thus I say, for [Hebrew] Sic enim Pyriphlegeton apud mortuos amnis est. Apology for the Christians. Was there any worshipper of the true God atRome when Hannibal made such havoc of the Romans at Cannae, andcomputed the numbers of the slaughtered gentry by bushels of ringspicked up after the battle ? It is verily the devil of an angel, a spirit divorcedfrom God, and for that reason our immortal enemy, and one whognashes with envy at the divine graces we enjoy, and plays all hisengines of destruction against us from your minds, as it were froma citadel. Euseb. 3 Nunquam enim corpus Umbra, aut veritatem Imago praecedit. But the Christians would not express their joy by lights and laurels; and forcandles, we find an express prohibition against them in the Apostolical Canons,can. Dion. Now these pro-, 1 to pretend a mighty deal ofreverence to the Scriptures, and then crucify them to their own sense. Immortal Juno's arms, and chariot grace ;And here to fix the universal reignThe mighty goddess strove, but strove in vain,By mightier fate o'ercome.1. And where is now the similitude between a philosopherand a Christian ? [The remaining pages, 145-270, containing Marcus Aurelius' Meditations, have been 2 96          But before I enter upon this contro- verted place, I desire the reader to take notice first, that though our author doesnot give us the very form, because he wrote to unbelievers, yet in this chapterhe gives the heads of a stated prayer for the emperor, namely, a long life, aquiet empire, a well-established family, a valiant army, a faithful senate, avirtuous people, etc.

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