Plus some kind of minty herb which is probably patchouli but smells camphorous. Charlotte from Sex and the City. I am here to write about my journey with this scent. But one day I received a scented candle of LVEB in the perfume shop and in winter time it was great to smell this scent. PERIOD. this is the first one which worked! Shop Lancôme La Vie Est Belle Eau de Parfum 100ml on and collect 4 Advantage Card Points for every Pound you spend. The Iris in this perfume is too much for me, don't get me wrong I love the Iris in Anna Sui's first perfume that came out in 1999, this is just too over the top. It is similar to Coco Mademoiselle but I think LVEB turns on my skin and smells cheap. I can smell that at least one time a day whenever i go. I was loving this fragrance but now it so sweet to my test. There is nothing beautiful about this scent, it’s agressive and brutal, eternal (why is it that the worst smells bear the longest) and immature. You know it from the first moment you smell it. Lyrics to 'La vie est belle' by Nassi. I can’t find anything redeeming about it besides the strong projection, but even then with a fragrance this intensely nauseating that is a huge con for me. Lancôme La Vie Est Belle coffret cad... (. i probably enjoy this one because vanilla is one of my favourite scents in a perfume. La Vie Est Belle is without a doubt a very memorable and impactful sweet and insisting scent, that especially men seem to LOVE, so I am not here to bash it, because it obviously has its qualities. It is one of the few perfumes i managed to finish from my collection. Allez faire un tour dans la cave de La belle vie, rubrique vin blanc. It's more rainbows and unicorns than stilettos and lingerie. I will start with a bottle, because there is a visible difference on it. BUT it is so popular and usual (I really don't know why) that the scent will seem familiar to you even if you never tested it before. For a very long time, I did not use it much, because I was repelled by the fact how popular it is, I like to smell not only great, but also original. In my opinion, it is the perfect bridal perfume. Absolutely beautiful. Overtly sweet, generic, bad. To my nose, this is a good starter perfume and in my opinion, this would be suitable for a young femme person who is getting there introduction to designer fragrances, which doesn't always have to be a bad thing, at all. 17,777 votes. This is a safe blind buy IF you like strong florals mixed with gourmand. Other people can barely smell it on me. Three times I asked someone what are they wearing because they smelled divine, it was this. Years later I bought a bottle on my own. It's a good perfume though, nothing special and I recommend it to every woman that loves sweet, classic perfumes. I recommend testing the new version, because the differences are significant. Book La Vie Est Belle hotel in Rome with Almosafer. Is the fragance I always looked for. La Vie Est Belle is on Facebook. The kind of perfume that gives me a sore throat. La vie est belle seem to have great reviews and I do get compliments when I wear it. This is a sweet decadent perfume dripping in a melted praline, Vanilla Delight the tonka also fits perfectly in this. 4 were here. That says a lot. What a waste of money. I do enjoy gourmands and sweet scents but often I get more notes out of them than just sugar/praline/ or whatever that strong sweet smell is supposed to be. Sweet, candy, deep yet bright. Very sweet perfume so distinctive. This is sweet, overbearing, cloying...ugh. Test this one before you buy it because it is not a neutral - for all skins fragrance. Our library is the biggest of these that have literally hundreds of thousands of different products represented. packaging is gorg too. My skin is oddly picky with gourmand type scents. Unfortunately, I don't see myself wearing it again as I risk suffocating everyone around me (including myself). I always get compliments and people regularly ask me what I am wearing and are surprised when I say LVEB. La vie est belle est le premier projet du rappeur Gambi. Beast mode scent.. when it came out it was one of a kind. It's a perfume of quality. La Vie Est Belle. I used to own it but it gave me headaches and whenever I smell it on someone, there is nothing pretty to me about it, more like ''i just walked out of a factory''. This was one of the first repurchases. The sweetness is syrupy to me. And they all mark generations! I do not understand what has happened, but this fragrance seems like have bought every third woman in the world and I feel it on every corner! It's popular for a reason. Love this scent very sweet and girly, it can be quite sharp to the nose at times but it’s definitely a crowd pleaser also lasts a good amount of time and you can smell it a mile off. This stuff is sparkling, fruity, sweet, and beautifully feminine. I'm usually one for more complex oriental/woody/green fragrances, which La Vie Est Belle is not. It's also the first fragrance he has ever bought me in my fragrance journey. I now find it too sweet / synthetic smelling. I adore LVEB. Sweet, feminine, intense and durable. Lancôme proclaims that every moment together is a gift with its La Vie Est Belle fragrance and offers a special deal on its Holiday Beauty Box. I love the original LVEB. I didn´t like it at first, but it dries wonderfully. I feel like La Vie Est Belle had so much potential but this perfume is dazed, and confused, there is no balance, it's straight up powdery Iris. I’m still just not sure about this one. Maybe my skin changed with age or hormones but it appeared less ‘choky’ and the lasting power was less than 3 hours. im really disappointed. I just plain... don’t want to smell like this. I'm not a fan of sweet perfumes, but this is just so beautiful! Apricot blooming into something a bit more serious, mature, slightly warmer apricot jam. And if ninety percent of the female population wears it, so what? However the ubiquituousness of this scent discourages me from craving it. Now I just love this scent in winter time. I cannot stand this smell, yet I enjoy sweet fragrances normally. Good god, such an overhyped cheap scent. I’ve not been one to settle on an everyday scent because I always felt different perfumes went with different days or activities. Lancome Lancome La Vie Est Belle Perfume Eau De Parfum 30ml 1 Oz Sealed Authentic, 1.0 Oz. With all due respect, this being my first time testing it, I was expecting a bit more than just the cloying, sweetness; it gives the same vibe as mon guerlain but the sweetness here is a bit more rounded. You CANNOT go wrong with this perfume. I owned a full bottle of flowerbomb a few years ago and sure these two perfumes share a similar vibe but honestly to me this one smells a lot like blackberry syrup for a while which makes me absolutely adore it. La Vie Est Belle offers fresh bagels, power bowls, vegan options, and comfort food. It reminds me of carefree spring days, with fresh flowers in bloom. I did smell a sample of LVEB Intense and went on to buy this but was SO disappointed. Honestly, I truly think that the only reason that this perfume gets so much flak is because so many people wear it. Pretty bottle, but this scent is soooo cloying and sickly sweet. Beautiful, but I can't say I care much for them because they remind me strongly of high-end Laura Ashley room spray circa 1996. However the smell is very nice, I tried the edt and it is much more tolerable, but it is still strong for me. Technically brilliant and reportedly made from fine raw materials, LVEB is fatally flawed because it is so monstrously loud. This is a floral fruit patchouli fragrance that really gets the balance of the patchouli right. out of Sigh. This fragrance is sophisticated, classy, sweet, soft, and just gorgeous in every aspect. However I tried the tester on my wrist, and it doesn’t work on me. La Vie Est Belle has fragrance notes of iris spring flowers and the intoxicating earthiness of patchouli. This was my signature scent throughout my late teens (18-20). I think it's brilliant in that it's both massively accessible and actually sophisticated in composition. I haven’t found ONE that matches up to the beauty of La Vie Est Belle. This gourmand yet elegant composition is developed by perfumers Olivier Polge, Dominique Ropion and Anne Flipo. One of those scents that smell better on other people than yourself. Overly heavy patchouli with a hint of vanilla and flowers. I never knew I would enjoy pear in a perfume but it is done SO RIGHT in this one. Painful to smell. the initial spray was pleasant, but i must admit this scent does not excite me. But now I have them for quite some time and I don’t think that anymore. It’s sweet and inoffensive. Other than that this is a win for Lâncome! When I finally bought it, I totally understood why people compare it with Flowerbomb. So beautiful! It smells cheap and dated. It’s very powdery, kind of sharp, and feels like it has something missing. It's warm, sweet and sexy. lasting power is promising, i get majority of the day wear from it. SHOP LA VIE EST BELLE: vie est belle is a French expression meaning life is beautiful.1. In the summer heat it might get cloying. The scent is really on the drydown, cause when you frist spray it, it is just too common. Plus great marketing (ads with Julia are bull's-eye), beautiful bottle. Extremely balanced gourmand! The vanilla does start to amp up further into the dry down. Finally I get this ebook, thanks for all these Indochine La Vie Est Belle Lyrics Genius Lyrics I can get now! Not worth the money. I have mixed feelings about this perfume. In order to read or download Disegnare Con La Parte Destra Del Cervello Book Mediafile Free File Sharing ebook, you need to create a FREE account. I’m sure there are many. I can also smell praline. Smooth menthol with some berry fruits on top. I also do get the similarities drawn between this and V&RFB; which is a favorite of mine. When I try it on I just feel; "meh". Just horrible how female perfumery is milked like cows. This is my all time favourite perfume, I don’t care how ‘overdone’ it is. Personally I like the very opening and the very very dry down it is quite pleasant, but anything in the middle is just a giant sugar chasing me with no direction. I have never smelt it on anyone else so I don't know where that all comes from. Car j’ai compris que s’qui nous tue pas nous rend plus fort. This absolutely does not smell like Flowerbomb. Treat LVEB with respect and it will love back. I was so excited to try it because of all the reviews. Literally. The scent itself might not be that bad but I really can't tolerate it. Please enjoy free ground shipping on any order. Also bought a shimmering body lotion, and that was ok. Seriously one of the best perfumes ever. Best price guaranteed. But only if you use 2 spritz. Nice adverts, though.Not so potent as years before. Explore La Vie Est Belle premium fragrance products by Lancôme and treat yourself to classic best selling fragrance. jeremy fragrance and his male friends all seemed to love it...but i was surprised to smell how SPICY it is. Much like my other vintage bottles, I'll be clinging on to the last drops of my original one until I am laid in my grave. i love this perfume. (I don’t ask people very much). 244 likes. It makes sense that Dominique Ropion was behind it. Somehow I fell out of love with it - it feels like something is missing, and there truly is something synthetic about it. I recently tried it, I am wearing right now from a sample and I think it has not the disturbing thickness it had with its release. I love how sweet this is. The main problem is that is has become probably one of the most used female fragrances ever. I don’t really smell praline and the vanilla isn’t the warm, gourmand vanilla I usually enjoy; like I say, it’s quite powdery. I wonder if anyone else found this. Except it isn't only the teenagers who wear this. Very, very good, distinctive, strong perfume. This one gets compared to V+F Flowerbomb a lot. And why do so many people wear it? I love this perfume. It dries down after a few minutes and the patchouli, praline, and orange blossom start to kick in. Apsolutely amazing. It is too sweet, I feel like I smell 'dirty' - like I am trying to cover up sweat or something. Online right now: 2054, Fragrantica in your language: It burned my nose, I stopped using it, and so far I can't find the bottle. Slightly mature, maybe 35 and up. I didnt care for it ..too screetchy! I don't dislike the smell but theres something a bit sickly about it after smelling it for a few hours. I SO agree with Lamiawitipo, below me!! I used to not want to wear VLJ because it being so popular, but now I see why it is. There was a boom like 3-4 years ago when it seemed like it was the only perfume available on the market hahaha. The jasmine and orange blossom come across strong as well. LVEB is one which I will always have and I would even consider a signature scent. Somehow, the absence has made me appreciate its strong points. It’s boring and forgettable. I feel LVEB has become a victim of its own popularity, its long lasting and projects very well which are two main things the majority of people look for in a perfume. The notes sound fine, but actually undistinguishable in the scent itself and the result is just a chemical over-sugared mess. This 2 star hotel is located near Via Giuseppe Palombini 12. I love this fragrance. Joyous femininity is expressed through this energizing women's perfume. This is probably the most beautiful perfume I have ever tried, and had. I thought it smelt nice first time I tried it. Simply because is delicious and it delivers. I agree with the comment below. Until about 7 weeks ago I had never experienced this perfume. I remember smelling it for the first time on a paper tester in a magazine - I was convinced that it is the most beautiful scent to ever exist, It was just so pleasing, clean and sweet and uplifting. It seems to be made more for the night rather than for the day and especially for the workplace. It can remember flower bomb but LA VIE EST BELLE is much more feminine and smooth fragrance, Beautiful strong sweet smelling. La Vie Est Belle by Lancome for Women 3.4 oz L'EDP Spray: Buy Lancome Perfumes - LA VIE EST BELLE women's perfume was launched by the designer house of LANCOME in 2012. And the sillage isn't great, either. We have made it easy for you to find a PDF Ebooks without any digging. Awful, artificial, heavy and plastic like smell. Then vanilla. I really don`t understand the hype about this perfume.As somebody who really loves vanilla in perfumes, I can say that this is one of the worst vanilla fragrances ever. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this amazingly gorgeous and perfect fragrance. Probably because I've smelled it many times before in department stores and the like. I love Elie Saab's Girl of Now Forever that has been often referenced as similar to this. This is my elder sister’s favorite perfume.It’s so well-blended high-quality perfume.But the reason that I don’t prefer is the combination of iris-patchouli.Actually it performs and projects quitely good.However doesn’t suit with my skin. Because the smell really IS that good . I first tried la vie about 4 yrs ago or more. I am wearing this now (received a sample) and I really do not like it at all. This is the most headache-inducing horrible fragrance ever! It also really surprised me, mostly with how much I liked it. I actually prefer this original version over the intense. I just got this...seriously. The performance is 10/10. Then there’s a strong vibe of burnt marshmallows, like when you get them really charred and only eat the charred part. La vie est Belle is a beautiful blackberry vanilla with woods in the background to my nose. While I normally prefer fresh/citrus fragrances, I absolutely love this and don’t find it to be too sweet. It kind of reminds me of Coco mademoiselle in a way, like the structure is similar, but that pear note..WOW. 3. Smells amazing on my aunt and smelt okay on me when I tried a little - so she bought it for me as a bday gift. Since it is a more simply sweet perfume now, however you do still smell that it is La Vie Est Belle. Ladies, don't over-complicate this. I still reach for it from time to time especially for nights out as it lasts very well. Too beautiful and too nostalgic for me.! Mon banquier pense que j'aurais besoin que l'on m'aide Tandis que mon psy dit que j'aurais plutôt besoin qu'on m'aime Le temps qui passe nous mène toujours face à nous même Si ce n'est pas moi, qui résoudra mes problèmes? French Restaurant. La Vie Est Belle was created by Olivier Polge, Dominique Ropion and Anne Flipo. I used to consider this my signature but it’s popularity put me off a little so I went crazy shopping around for other perfumes that could be my new signature. I see why it’s a top seller. Not too florally, I don’t care if it is one of the most popular perfumes out there, I love it. It amuses me all the reviews complaining everyone wears it so that somehow reduces the appeal of it. La Vie Est Belle Eau de Parfum entwines the elegance of iris with the strength of patchouli. For those who love it, just use it. The opening burns my nose, the black currant and pear smell like a hot rotten pie, almost fizzy like fermentation. It smells like perfume, vaguely as in "this person is wearing perfume and it smells sweet but there's nothing really standing out about it apart from the fact that it is, indeed, perfume". The longetivy is great I can smell it on my clothes for days .On my skin it lasts about 6 hours max. Fortunately, you can buy taste of kiss by la rive for a very decent price online. I'm wearing it as I type. Feminine, but more in a girly, youthful sort of way. I tried it once and I had to wash it off, it was so strong on me, purely vanilla. Voici nos suggestions pour ce week-end du vendredi 27 au dimanche 29 novembre. I honestly don't see how HSN, could say that this is on the way to becoming the Number 1 perfume in The United States, I feel like that belongs to Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture, that's the best perfume that has come out in the past 10 years, and I have owned over 1,000 different bottles of perfume in my life, have smelled many more than that. Very makeup counter, very easy, very girly. I suppose the patchouli helps the scent last longer. Such a shame because I really wanted to own this iconic perfume. Other popular fragrances like Flowerbomb, La Nuit Tresor, and Black Opium share a similar vibe but LVEB is unmistakable. Ok wow. Huge compliment getter. On a strip of paper, the fragrance was the right kind of Christmas sweet fragrance I was looking for so I was only ever going to buy 30ml, but on my skin LVEB turns to white florals?! I was told by many that this was a great fragrance. Technically perfect. In my imagination people who love LVEB are very fond of junk food and are not frightened to eat up a huge amout of sweets. I don’t dislike the fragrance at all and it doesn’t surprise me that it’s so popular, I just think I prefer the Intense version because it’s more warm and gourmand. After smelling it on a friend who was wearing it during a hike, of all things...I asked what perfume she was wearing and when she said it was Lancome LVEB I thought ‘Oh wow, how could this sweet, mainstream, fragrance appeal to me? Projection is a few feet, sillage can be 2+ days on clothes. (I used to be one of those people BTW), This is a nice girlish bottle and inside of this I can smell coco mademoiselle with flower bomb and in the drydown a little bit of angel. The flacon is a redesigned version of the classic Lancome bottle from 1949. The vanilla enters pretty soon after the opening.