The first days at the refuge, the metal trough has been replaced by a tub fixed in such a way that Jon can drink. The Prefect declares that the purpose of these inspections is not to check on the welfare of the animals but merely on their appearance. To the press, the prefecture of Eure said on the day of the seizure that the animals were “ generally healthy “. Cirque de Paname was new to me and very few … on: function(evt, cb) { Bienvenue sur le site officiel du Cirque Europa ! If you are using our Services via a browser you can restrict, block or remove cookies through your web browser settings. The association One Voice is shocked to discover that an inspection was carried out on 27 April 2020, i.e. But we are hopeful that with a life far from the wagon and violent trainers, and with the disappearance of his chronic toothache, his stereotypic movements and self-mutilation will cease. Restaurants near Cirque de Mourèze: (0.10 mi) O’Cirque Restaurant (0.17 mi) L'Art de la Flamme (0.28 mi) Epicerie du Village (0.44 mi) Auberge de Val Moureze - Le Restaurant (3.49 mi) La Creperie; View all restaurants near Cirque de … I had intended to reach the highest waterfall in Europe which I was told … } Cancelled Cool Venue Electronic. He is in an even worse condition than lions in zoos in countries devastated by war. } Baby, who is also hired out by her trainer for events such as a special offer in a supermarket, a wedding or an advertising stunt, The prefecture seems to be turning a blind eye. How about a free circus show? Four lionesses, Jon’s former fellow prisoners, Hannah, Patty, Celeste and Marli, are still in the hands of the trainer. In addition we are calling on the Administrative Court to order an expert report on their welfare, as an alternative. The Jury will be overseen by President Maxim Nikul... Where are they now #9 Published at … Cirque Italia is the collaboration of the American dream and the tenacious leadership of one strong Italian entrepreneur, Manuel Rebecchi. When he arrives he is a young lion with no teeth, with no claws, with no strength, lying prostrate in a corner as if he has lost the will to live. Why over the past two years have the prefecture and the veterinary services not intervened to help these poor creatures? He is extremely underweight; it will become more clear in time whether this is either a result of inadequate feeding or an underlying health condition. Même si cette nouvelle n’étonnera personne dans cette période si complexe pour notre vie sociale et culturelle, nous voulions aussi vous donner un … His day-to-day needs are being met by our friends at Tonga Terre d’Accueil, who are bending over backwards to find stimulating activities for him and to take care of him.  Like Dumba before her she performed in the big top under the gaze of the audience, who were unaware of her unhappiness and of the danger:  in fact many of them took selfies with her during the interval or followed her to the trailer after the performance, also in violation of the legislation. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new … 110 Rue Amelot 75011 Paris, France. The truth is far from the claptrap of the trainers who seek to justify captivity as providing a better quality of life in wagons far from the poachers hunting trophies in Africa! He has made enormous progress in such a short time, which proves that his advanced wasting was definitely not due to age or illness but was a clear indication that he was being starved by the owner of the circus. FreeWiFi access is available. Jon is not from a zoo in a country at war. In fact, we did this excursion with all family (included my 4 years daughter and she enjoyed a lot). Though shy at first, Jon was transformed when he discovered the outer part of his enclosure where he is convalescing. Cirque du Soleil Official Site: Find show and ticket info for our big top, arena and theatre circus shows worldwide! It is a very gradual return to eating, in fact, because a ‘normal’ quantity of food could kill him. Cirque Medrano France 🔺 En exclusivité, découvrez la vidéo 🎥 inédite du tout nouveau spectacle du Festival du Cirque de Lyon 2020 🎪 💵 Réservez vos places dès à … In fact, you can do a great walk from the town to the amphitheater.  For decades her ‘owners’ have been hiring her out to circuses all over the world and to film companies. I have been going to this type of entertainment. In addition, Jon was being kept illegally: circuses are prohibited from keeping wild animals that are not used in performances. We can’t wait to sweep … Jon shows the stigmata of the mutilations and acts of cruelty that he has suffered for years with no respite. The vet also checked and confirmed what we had noted on the first day: Jon had no claws in his front paws. Does #BanCircusAnimals in France mean to wait until they are all dead? But after his rescue, seeing Jon in his new temporary enclosure in Tonga Terre, we got hope. ... Daniela_Oliveira_BPN wrote a review Jan 2020. One day it is a big ball, another day tree stumps or a trunk resting on wooden feet. On Thursday, once Jon had come round from the anaesthetic, he threw himself on his food before going outside to fall sleep on his back, belly offered up to the sun’s rays. It is totally unacceptable for the State to be satisfied that these mutilated animals appear to be in good health and leave them to suffer agonies in the prisons that are circuses. Starting with its creation in 2012, the Water Circus has advanced into one of the most innovative traveling shows to be staged in the United States. Cirque d'Hiver hosts concerts for a wide range of genres. But he has to be operated on again, for his teeth this time, by a specialist. In fact, you can do a great walk from the town to the amphitheater. Yet he was in a circus in France! I was charmed by the atmosphere and since then .. It is inconceivable that these shameless trainers are not treating them any less badly than they did Jon. We have been following their ordeal for two years, the rescue centres Tonga Terre d’accueil, the distribution of the images of the rescue of the lion Jon, on 8 October 2018 it submitted a complaint to the Public Prosecutor of Evreux. Meet on Saturday September 19 and Sunday 20, 2020 for two exceptional shows.  to help him rediscover his zest for life. Careful, by prior registration only. I have worked on the issue of wild animals in circuses for 16 years, yet I was shocked to see the condition that Jon is in. The Jury of the 41st Festival Published at 27/12/2019. A festival inspired by circus life!  However it seems that its services are not in possession of the full facts even though our first complaint against the Cirque de Paris was submitted in 2018 – in the department of the Eure! The twenty kilos he has put on can also be seen by the skin on his belly, which is starting to fill out. He has also discovered his exterior enclosure, which is open to the sky, and has felt the sun’s rays on his scrawny fur for the first time. Words are inadequate to describe the Cirque de Gavarnie. Cirque du Soleil has laid off almost all its 4,900 staff and has around $130 million in cash and credit lines, Moody’s reckons. } We have been following their ordeal for two years and all that time the authorities responsible for the welfare of the animals and checking on them regularly have done absolutely nothing.  where he had been exploited for several years.  This elephant too was in a pitiful state and we had also submitted a complaint in her name. Restaurants near Cirque de Mourèze: (0.15 km) O’Cirque Restaurant (0.28 km) L'Art de la Flamme (0.44 km) Epicerie du Village (0.71 km) Auberge de Val Moureze - Le Restaurant (5.59 km) La Creperie; View all restaurants near Cirque de … Cirque du 11 officiel film sur le cirque Amar 2018 coulisse du cirque Amar nouveau cirque cirque Falck His ribs are no longer visible under his fur and he is much livelier than when weÂ. to mark his territory everywhere. Find Le Cirque Du Soleil tour dates, event details, reviews and much more ... 2 Apr 2020 to 7 Nov 2021. That’s what he has suffered in addition to hunger: mutilations. ... AUVERGNE-RHONE-ALPES BOURGOGNE-FRANCHE-COMTE BRETAGNE CORSE CENTRE-VAL-DE-LOIRE OUTRE-MER GRAND-EST HAUTS-DE-FRANCE ILE-DE-FRANCE … See Tickets. The damages that we are asking for will go to felines rescued from circuses. Cirque de Gavarnie is a wonderful natural amphitheater located near in the homonymous town, in French Pyrenees. We shall do everything in our power to enable his companions Hannah, Patty, Céleste and Marli to join him as soon as possible. Though shy at first, Jon was transformed when he discovered the outer part of his enclosure where he is convalescing. callback: cb Subscribe to Club Cirque to stay in the know about upcoming nearby shows! Purchase cheap Cirque tickets and discount Cirque tickets at TicketSupply. ... France. Pour cette 41e édition, le Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain vous donne rendez-vous au Cirque Phénix du 30 janvier au 2 février 2020 The 41st Festival Prize Winners Published at 03/02/2020. Cirque Apartment is a self-catering accommodation located in the 8th district of Paris. Another sign that he has become more confident: when he arrived he used to urinate on himself but now he does it on the walls (inside and outside!) Almost no teeth, lesions all over his body and obviously no proper diet for some time. })(); Jon has just been saved and we have been entrusted to look after him by the Procurator of Évreux and the agents of the French Office for Biodiversity (OFB) of Eure whom we thank for this collaboration started 2 years ago. We shall not let the lionesses suffer in this circus any longer. Driven by an appetite to amaze people with unique, stunning acts in a colorful scenery. to mark his territory everywhere. In March 2020, a few days before the lockdown, the association found out that the circus had ‘replaced’ Dumba with Baby, who is also hired out by her trainer for events such as a special offer in a supermarket, a wedding or an advertising stunt. Buy Le Cirque Du Soleil tickets from the Official site. Cirque du Soleil Events + Experiences creates and produces bespoke live entertainment for an international clientele who are looking for one of a kind, world class experiences. Discover San Francisco's best Cirque in 2020/21. In ten days Jon has really picked up. Vous pourrez découvrir toutes les informations concernant notre spectacle, notre tournée, nos convois, mais aussi nous contacter. New date. In October 2018, in addition to the animals it usually keeps, the circus was exhibiting Dumba. Cirque de Gavarnie is a wonderful natural amphitheater located near in the homonymous town, in French Pyrenees. How sad! As the State has failed in its duty to protect animals, in particular Jon but also Hannah, Patty, Céleste and Marli, the four lionesses still in the hands of the trainer, we are holding it to account and commencing urgent proceedings on their behalf!